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IARU HF World Championship (2013)

The Potomac Valley Radio Club hosted both the ARRL headquarters station, led by captain Steve Bookout NR4M, and the IARU headquarters station, led by captain Fran Donovan W3LPL. Steve's team, operating as W1AW/4, has been spread amongst 8 different stations in North Carolina and Virginia, while Frank's team, operating as NU1AW/3, has been spread amongst 5 different stations in Maryland.

Video: WPX CW 2013

Rappackers Meeting

PVRC Meeting and discussion of the IARU HF contest in July. The PVRC has been chosen by the ARRL to put the HQ stations on the air: W1AW/4 and NU1AW/3.
Various PVRC stations in the 4 call area will put 6 phone and 6 CW stations on the air for the duration using the call W1AW/4.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 AM by Frank K4EC.

CQ WW WPX, CW (2013)

Regardless of condx WPX CW is always fun. This year atmospheric weather was quite good with fairly low noise on the low bands. Solar weather wasn't so good, but that's part of what makes things fun. It was a good weekend to know something about skewed paths!

Notes from 11 May Rappahannock Chapter PVRC meeting

The meeting was called to order by Frank K4EC at 10:20AM Saturday. There was no new or old business to discuss.
As usual we went around the room so each attendee could discuss recent happenings.

K3ZO – Always great to have Fred attend. He was qrv in the phone WPX. Talked a little about his antennas. He will be advising the 15M NU1AW group (N3RR & Co.) for the IARU HQ effort.

2012 WPX CW plaque has arrived!

Congratulations to those who made this happen.


26,785,984 Million points!  A new US record!

ARRL Int'l DX Contest SSB (2013)

Thanks for coming out!
Thanks to Steve and Carolyn for the great hospitality! And thanks to the resident Station Engineer Larry.

ARRL Int'l DX Contest CW (2013)

As we've frequently said before, it's always nice to have new folks operate with us. We has the same Carolina folks with us that did last year (W0UCE and N3ND) plus N1LN. It was great to have both Bills back from Lynchburg. As always the local group was fun, and had fun. Without them on Sunday afternoons, we wouldhave trouble covering bands after the traveling guys depart.

CQWW WPX Contest, RTTY (2013)

A good time was had by all. Plenty of ops, plenty of sleep, plenty of food, plenty of drink and plenty of propagation. Late in the weeks, LOTS of ugly problems cropped up. Most were taken care of and the couple that were left, were not too bad. Friday afternoon, I discovered a S/N problem that would have killed the whole weekend for us. The crew at N1MM solved it and had a new version out in about an hour and a half. Big thanks to them!



Called to order more or less at 10:30 Saturday morning. Having no new business nor old business to discuss, Frank K4EC began the round robin around the room for each attendee to discuss what had transpired in his/her ham radio life in recent months.

K4EC – Frank. In a recent wind storm Franks R5 vertical was fairly demolished by a neighbors falling tree, so now he’s down to no antennas. He’s planning on rectifying that shortly.


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