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ARRL DX Contest - CW (2000)

First, and most importantly, everyone had GOBS of FUN! With three operating positions, originally considered doing M/2. Looked like there would be sufficient operators to keep each positioned manned most of the weekend, so decided to go M/M. Late Friday afternoon still having problems getting the radio interface to work at the third position.

ARRL DX Contest, CW (2011)

With flares occuring later in the week we didn't know quite what to expect for the contest. In general the bands seemed to be quite good. 10 certainly could have been better, but we're thankful for the Qs we did make on that band, with many of them being skewed path Eur. Again very few station problems with the biggest one being a computer problem on 15.

ARRL DX Contest, CW (2007)

Doing a M/M from NR4M brought back lots of old memories and generated a number of new ones. The new station is still under construction. We had four stations set up, with 10/80 and 15/160 sharing rigs. We used Win-Test for the first time. Beyond a few data entry glithes, it performed great throughout the weekend.

ARRL DX Contest, CW (2009)

When things come together as they did at the Goat Farm (NR4M) over the weekend, the investment in time, building the station, begins to pay off! We had a terrific crew who really pounded the bands and had a huge amount of fun in the process!

ARRL DX Contest, SSB (2009)

Got NR4M set up kind of helter skelter to let the guys  play phone. Most everyone seemed to have fun. Thanks to all for the Qs. And thanks to Steve  for hosting an operation using a microphone and  his call. He even worked a nuMber of Qs.

ARRL DX Contest, CW (2010)

The gang had a great time in the ARRL CW DX test and innaugural tractor pull! NR4M spent as much time pulling folks who got stuck in snow in his driveway as he did operating. Great to see improved condx.


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