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ARRL DX Contest, CW (2015)

Call: NR4M
Station: NR4M

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  136    60
   80:  850    95
   40: 1700   118
   20: 1796   124
   15: 1903   121
   10: 1356   109
Total: 7741   627  Total Score = 14,468,652

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Wx was a player in this weekend's operating. With the extreme cold, 4 operators
could not make it due to wx related issues at home and another two to limit
their time here.

After receiving a few more inches of snow during the day Saturday, the snow
turned to sleet in the evening.  The 80 meter delta loop array collected ice
and was detuned enough for us to quit using it.  15 meters showed a slight rise
in reflected power, but not enough for concern.

New 40 meter 4 square really worked nice on the 40 meter second station, which
was the only band with two radios.  Hope to add similar arrangements on 20 and
15 before WPX in May.

160 was a slog for Peter, K3ZM, but he hung in there and found us 60
80 (when I was operating Fri night) seemed lack-luster and very noisy.  This
may have been due to some noise issues with the power utility.  There is a
massive noise source about a mile from NR4M that comes and goes and is never
causing issues when the power company guys are around.

40 produced well and the second station helped.

20 seemed always open to somewhere for most of the contest.

15 and 10 opened both days just about sunrise and were steadily supplying Q's
until well into darkness.  Unfortunately, due to the nasty weather, the top 15
meter yagi was still sitting on the saw horses in the field and never made the

No equipment failures although some minor 'glitches' with equipment control
software.  Nothing we couldn't deal with on-the-fly.

This was the first visit for N3HEE, who braved the elements and came down from
MD to join us.  It seemed he had a good time and was a good contributor to the
final score.  Thanks, Joe.

Although we called off the Low Country Boil W0UCE and I had planned for
Saturday due to him being wx bound in NC, we still ate good, as always.  Over
the weekend, we consumed vast quantities of chili, beef stew and Jambalaya
thanks to NR4M, K7SV and K4GM.  With the warming temps on Sunday, burgers and
brats were grilled and readily consumed. Platters of shrimp and sandwiches were
always available in the fridge. We always eat well.

Thanks to everyone for the Q's.


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