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NR4M wins WPX RTTY 2012

Well, guys, we did it!  We broke the existing North American record for the WPX RTTY contest in the multi-multi class, with a score of over 14 million points!  Not too shabby at all, and a job well done!

Between the personal ‘chit-chats’ I’ve had and what I heard mentioned at the last meeting, there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for more RTTY participation from ‘the Farm’.  I’m particularly glad to see this as not all the Rappackers like, or are comfortable operating CW in a contest.   Although CW is my first love, my hearing is such that I think RTTY allows me to perform at a higher level than I can with CW.

Hopefully, our personal caveats will cause us to come together and do some ‘kick-butt’ RTTY contesting.  I know my own personal experience with RTTY is limited, so lots of room for improvement there.  The more we do as a group, the better we will get (hopefully!)

More about this participation here:

Steve, NR4M

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